Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date and Gameplay Footage

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Nvidia brought Bioware General Manager, Aaryn Flynn, on stage during their CES 2017 keynote to give fans a sneak peek at Mass Effect Andromeda.

We learned from the never-before-seen footage that there will be a complex character customization system with different classes (called Profiles) and different categories of skills that you can put points into. Aaryn Flynn went on to explain that you will be able to level up multiple Profiles and switch between them in real-time. He also went on to emphasize the increased use of vertical space in environments, which is evident in the footage. You’ll also be able to designate Loadouts with different weapons and skills. Above all else though, we now know that Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled to be released on March 21, 2017.

Check out the full Nvidia keynote here for information about what they’re doing with artificial intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous driving, and gaming in general.