Gwent Player Progression Update

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CD Projekt RED recently announced an update to the player progression system in the upcoming free to play Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. Players in Gwent are tasked with winning two out of three rounds in order to win a match. With the new system, players will earn experience based on rounds won, rather than matches won. This means that even if you lose the match, you won’t necessarily be left with nothing. In addition to this, they’ve restructured the rate at which players will gain levels, capped levels at 100, and also included rewards for each time you level up.

Aside from the progression changes, they’ve also implemented a ranked play mode that will feature 15 ranks, as well a leaderboard for the top 1000 players. Those of you that have played the Witcher 3 know that Gwent is deceptive in its simplicity, so climbing to the top should be quite interesting. Gwent seems to hold a unique position amongst CCG’s, being much more fast-paced than something like Magic: The Gathering.

For the full list of changes in the recent patch, check out the changelog.