Theory About the Next FFXIV Job


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Square Enix recently shared some details about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion, titled Stormblood, but I’ve got a hunch about what they haven’t shared. At this point, we know that the expansion is going to be released on June 20, 2017, and we know that the Red Mage has been confirmed as one of the new jobs being added to the game. We also know that there are new dungeons, new raids, the level cap is increasing to 70, and that much of the expansion will take place in Ala Mhigo. All of this information and more is available on the Stormblood website.

What we don’t know, and what many people are wondering, is what other job is going to be added to the game in this expansion. I want to make it clear now that this article is purely speculation, food for thought if you will, so you won’t find any official breaking news here. Theories and speculation have exploded all over the internet, with most people assuming that the next job is either going to be Samurai, or Blue Mage. Some of the arguments are compelling, some of them are silly, and some of them are simply hopeful. People have pointed out the Spiderman shirt that director/producer Naoki Yoshida wore at the Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Tokyo, saying that it could be a hint. Others have speculated that it could be the Beastmaster, the Dancer, or even the Chemist. I think all of these theories are wrong, and instead subscribe to an idea that seems much less popular. I think it will be the Geomancer.

“The Geomancer is ingrained in Final Fantasy lore and culture.”

First and foremost, when asked about why the Red Mage was chosen as a job to add to Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida told Famitsu in an interview (with an English translation available at Gamer Escape), “…we have to implement jobs that are true to Final Fantasy, so we returned to those roots. Since 2017 is also the 30th anniversary for FF, many players will look back at old jobs. When we looked at the roots of FF, we couldn’t leave out Red Mage, so we made the decision.”

The Geomancer has made appearances in FF3, FF5, FF6 (sort of), was going to be part of Aeris’ character in FF7 before eventually being scrapped, FF11, FF Tactics, FF Tactics A2, FF Type-0, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Artniks, FF Airborne Brigade, FF All The Bravest, FF Record Keeper, FF Explorers, the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, and the Final Fantasy Portal App – Triple Triad. The Geomancer is ingrained in Final Fantasy lore and culture.

Next, let’s take a look at the current job breakdown for FFXIV, and the role each one plays.

Warrior – Tank
Paladin – Tank
Dark Knight – Tank

White Mage – Healer
Scholar – Healer
Astrologian – Healer

Monk – Melee Physical DPS
Dragoon – Melee Physical DPS
Ninja – Melee Physical DPS

Bard – Ranged Physical DPS
Machinist – Ranged Physical DPS
Red Mage – Ranged Physical DPS (alluded to by Yoshida in the Famitsu interview)

Black Mage – Ranged Magical DPS
Summoner – Ranged Magical DPS

What is missing here? A third Ranged Magical DPS job. Geomancer would fit this spot perfectly – certainly more than a Samurai. Geomancers, sometimes also known as Elementalists, have typically been a caster job that draws power from the natural environment around them. Look at the official description for the FFXI version:

“These arcane spellcasters harness the power of geomancy to strengthen allies, enervate enemies, and provide much-needed support to their parties. They assume many of the same support specialist roles corsairs and bards do, and while they may not pack as much offensive firepower as black mages, they can employ elemental magic with ease.”

Given that this expansion is also called Stormblood, I feel like this is a nod toward the power found in nature. Additionally, in FF Tactics, the prerequisite job needed to unlock the Geomancer is the Monk. While this wouldn’t be consistent with being a Ranged Magical DPS job, it might explain some of the apparent Monk fighting footage in the Stormblood trailer.

While we don’t know what the next job in FFXIV will be, I think we can all agree on the fact that FFXIV has come a long way since the beginning and has a bright future ahead. Whatever the next job is, I’m sure it will capture the spirit of Final Fantasy.